USB Adapter Cable is one of the most experienced and reliable cable/PCB/PCBA manufacturers and suppliers for USB Adapter Cable, USB Adapter Cables, Adapter Cable, USB 2.0, USB 3.0, HDMI, DVI, RJ45, Mini DIN and PoweredUSB in Taiwan. Located near Taoyuan International Airport (RCTP/TPE), we have been producing the best quality of cable/PCB/PCBA and providing 100% satisfaction for our valuable customers. Therefore, high quality, low prices, prompt delivery, and customers' satisfaction are our ultimate goals.
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USB Adapter Cable

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Since our factory is equipped with the latest technology of 7 high-speed SMT lines, two insertion lines, assembly line, testing line and packing line, we are capable of manufacturing your USB Adapter Cable, cables, PCB, PCBA, USB cables/peripherals and fire wire devices according to your requirements. Not only our products are durable and reliable with high quality in compliance with international standards such as UL, CSA and ISO 9001 but also are environmentally friendly in compliance with RoHS and REACH. Furthermore, with abundant experience of manufacturing and supply chain management in the USB Adapter Cable, PCB and PCBA industry, we are able to provide our products at low prices for you without sacrificing any quality of goods. Please visit our website for more information and you will definitely get what you want. We guarantee it.
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